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Mar .19

Stylish cyberpunk adventure Tales of the Neon Sea gets release date


Purely on the strength of its visuals, Tales of the Neon Sea is one of the games I'm most excited about for this year—its ultra-stylish cityscapes are packed with detail and, as we said in our preview of the games to watch in 2019, it looks like a 2D Cyberpunk 2077 "with a little bit of Blade Runner sleuthing thrown in". Chinese indie developer Palm Pioneer revealed its release date this week, and we don't have long to wait.

It will arrive on Steam on April 30. Alongside the announcement, the team revealed a new trailer, above, which gives you an idea of just how sumptuous its environments are. 

You'll be solving puzzles across a cyberpunk city, and the story revolves around escalating distrust between humans and robots. Oh, and there are gangster cats, which you'll occasionally control to solve puzzles—you can see them at 0:45 in the trailer.