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Nov .09

The First Class Recreates The Most Significant Moments In Aviation History


A new app from developer Light & Digital Technology looks to put you in some of the most important moments in the history of aviation and beyond.

The First Class: Legends of the Sky is coming to Steam on December 5th with HTC Vive support. In the experience, you find yourself on a spaceship in the far-flung future and will use its advanced technology to visit key legends, historic moments and technological advances that got you there. It starts all the way back with Icarus and his wings and visits spots like the first flight of The Wright Brothers’ first plane and giving you a look at more advanced craft.


Check out the first trailer below, it’s pretty epic.

Lasting around 18 minutes, the app will feature interactive elements which includes piloting Icarus’ wings. It may sound short but if the trailer is anything to go by it’ll hopefully boast slick production values.

“The story is inspired by the Hugo Awards Best Novel Winner The Three-Body Problem,”  An Pu, Lead Creative Producer at Light & Digital Technology explained in a prepared statement. “We feel privileged that the author Cixin Liu played and praised the game. The original team is working unremittingly on the sequel. The title will be announced in the beginning of 2018.”

We’d like to play this one before we get excited about the sequel, of course. No word on pricing just yet.